What Our Customers Say:

I was very pleased with your service. I normally tie my own flies or purchase them locally. However, for my first saltwater trip I needed to go online to get the flies I need. I ordered from Johnflies Flies and two other budget priced fly shops and found Johnflies to be far superior. I received your flies quicker and truly appreciate that they were labelled. One of the other shops flies are not consistent in their materials. Your flies look fine to me and I look forward to testing them in Belize in April. Thank you for your service.

Michael, USA

I love your site, your flies, and your prices. Second year in which I have ordered flies for the season from you, and I am completely satisfied. I'd write the same review for every pattern I ordered--exactly what I was looking for, with fine quality and an unbeatable price. Your site is easy to use, and the range of flies is really everything I could possibly imagine trying, here in the northeast at least. Totally no-hassle, with prompt delivery, good packaging, and also some great deals even beyond the good prices you already offer. I recommend you to everyone I know who flyfishes.


I just received flies from you and two other online fly shops and directly purchased from a fly shop I know in the SF Bay area on Monday in preparation for a week in Montana starting next week and another week in Wyoming in late June. I think your flies, though different than the others by type, are superior in overall value and superior of excellent quality. Of course the proof is how they perform when wet and their durability to hold up to fish! They are better than the photos in your website. Thank you, I look forward to my next order.

John P. USA

Just got back from boca paila and in one day on the crazy charlie I got 15 bone fish and one 30" permit fly is still good
Russell, USA

I wanted to take this moment to provide feedback on my recent purchase. My order was filled, shipped promptly and delivered a day before scheduled. As for the wooly buggers – WOW!!! I am extremely pleased with the quality and the color schemes. The trout go crazy. It is a good thing that I am a catch and release angler because if I was not I would be home by 9 am. You definitely have a repeat customer. Keep up the good work.

Matt Wilson, UK

Hey guys,---just wanted to drop you a line on my "success" of using you flies. I purchased several fly patterns last year and had great success with them!! Being a Fly-fishing guide myself in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, and an FFF Master Casting Instructor, I really enjoyed the quality of the ties. I obtained a lot of hook-ups over the season and plan to get more this season. Keep up the Good Work, at prices we all can afford. This current economy demands that we shop around for good prices instead of paying over $2.00 a fly in some cases. Kudo's to You!!!!


John , The quality of your flies are superb. When buying flies from a new business I normally look at the smaller hook sizes (# 20 and smaller) first to determine if the person tying the fly got it right. Your #22 BWO flies are perfect, even under a magnifying glass. I live in eastern Maryland, with a fair number of fly shops in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area (including Orvis shops) and your flies are by far the better quality. I'm mostly impressed with your Eastern Collection, every fly is perfectly tied and the hoppers are standouts. The March Brown and Red Humpy dries are also beautifully tied. Many thanks for the follow-up.

John, PA

John : OK, OK, I tried another online fly shop. Three things worth noting. Whoever designed your web site architecture really knows what they are doing. Second, the flies I received from your competitor were poorly & inconsistently tied, unraveling with maddening predictability. Finally the cascading discount along with the "Frequent Flyer" program makes the cost of your flies better than the straight ahead “cheap fly” proposition your competitor uses because at least in their case, the flies are, in fact, cheap! Cheaply made and poorly tied from what appears to be inferior materials. Keep up the good work. I won’t stray again...My only suggestion is more midge patterns.

Henry, France

I absolutely love Johnflies !! You have superior flies and insanely low prices. I have since recommended your site to at least 10 to 12 friends and just about anyone I run into on the stream. I have had great success on your wooly buggers as well as your copper john patterns. Thank you so much for such a great site and service to the fly-fishing community. You guys are the real deal and you have a life long customer. Best Regards,

J.R., Spain