A custom tied fly is tied to your needs and specifications.Our work at Johnflies Fly Factory Ltd   has always been to tie flies "your way".

If you are looking for mass produced tied flies from your own specification and needs then you have probably landed on the right website.  We are an Unlimited Source of custom fly tying on-line commercial production. 

What does the word “custom” really mean when I refer it to fly tying?  I define it as tying flies in a particular way, for a specific type of fly fishing and for a particular person. 

You will see many example flies on my website for style but you may want a custom tied fly. Buy from us and you will get your version of a fly pattern and how it should be properly constructed.

Poorly tied flies using inferior material is not an option in our company. We use only the best materials because you deserve it, period.  My flies are designed to help you consistently catch more fish.

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All flies are tied with barbed hooks unless requested otherwise and will look similar to those in the pictures. Some materials may be substituted.

Minimum number of flies for an order is 3 of each hook size.

Our prices for custom production are very competitive and you might find the price same as our normal patterns. Prices are based upon the time it takes to tie the fly as well as the materials needed.

All flies are tied on order by the date we receive your order.


We can produce most custom fly patterns, perfect to your local waters.  You design it. We tie it.

How it works; pick your option:

  1.        Provide a website link of a picture of the fly

  2.        Provide an image from your computer or common catalogs

  3.        Send us the physical sample fly

  4.        Send us video of the pattern you need


You are free to also send us your own hooks and materials. ORDER CUSTOM FLIES…